Wednesday, 11 May 2011

TITANIUM fairing bolts VJ23

VJ23 TITANIUM fairing bolt

Hello people, sorry for the long delay in posting.

I get fasteners manufactured in TITANIUM (6AL/4V) mainly for classic cars with Imperial or American thread.  UNC and UNF thread pattern.  
For a while I been planning on making super strong, light weight and corrosion proof parts for the VJ23 (which hass metric threaded fasteners) and I've only just got around to sorting it out.  
Especially after seeing my chrome plated fairing fasteners start to corrode.  So the picture above is the model I made in the computer.  It's a replica of the actual fasteners from my VJ23 so when you fit them to your bike it'll still look standard, except the bolts will be 40% lighter and corrosion proof.  Pretty good eh?  

I sell titanium M8 and M6 nuts already which I've got fitted on my bike.  They work fine.  They're especially good on the exhaust studs where nuts tend to rust and seize.  
I'll also see about getting the rear wheel spacers manufactured in titanium.  They'll be expensive but they save a fair bit of weight and it's unsprung weight as well so doubly good.  

Summers nearly here in UK.  Hopefully I'm not too busy with work to get out in the country lanes and deafen some sheep.  
Cheers for now.