Monday, 29 December 2014

A picture says a thousand works so here's some pictures of the final restoration of the NSR250SE  MC28 imported from Japan in February. 
It looks lovely and has had many new parts fitted. I'll list them as I write.
 New Tyres, new sprocket set, new rubber chain guide
New SE stickers either side of nose fairing. Resprayed nose fairing to correct colour and crack repaired
All new titanium bolt kit for the fairing as well as many titanium bolts fitted around the bike.

New titanium axle nut, titanium disc bolts and titanium caliper bolts.
Titanium bleed nipples and banjo bolts.   
New brake fluid and pads,Rechromed forks and polished stanchions.  
New air filter and oil change.  Degreased engine and scrubbed several times.  
Conversion to MPH and the top speed limiter restricting the bike to 112mph has been removed. 
This is a beautiful bike.  I know it'll do 105mph but I won't elaborate. It feels nicer to ride and faster than my beloved RGV250. 
The price if you're interested in buying this bike is £5800
If you've been following this blog then you'll have seen the rebuild and know what you're getting.  

I hope you've enjoyed reading about this gorgeous bike.