Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Titanium bike and car bolts August 2012

Hooray! The new batch of titanium fasteners have arrived!

Titanium metric and American thread bolts for Bikes/bicycle and car

Honda replica 90112- MAT-000 fairing bolt

The photo's aren't really doing justice to how good these fasteners look.
On the left here is a titanium fairing bolt for Honda sports bikes.  It doesn't have the dimples in the large flat top surface like the original part but it's about 60% the weight of the Genuine steel item and won't corrode.  There seems to be a bit of a following for these Honda bolts with Honda RC45 owners

  These M8 titanium dome nuts shimmer in the light, and the first 10 are going on the heads of my Suzuki RGV250SP. Standard steel dome heads are 8.3gm each but these titanium ones are 4.6gm giving a weight saving of 37gm on my bike, meaning I can eat a bag of crisps and still be 10gm's lighter on the bike, although the second gear power wheelie is probably a thing of the past on account of my ahem, girth.   :P  

The standard steel  rear brake bolt on my racer was getting corroded even after only a few hundred miles so here's me fitting a new corrosion proof and lighter titanium version. Hopefully I'll get time to test it this weekend

I didn't realise the bolt holding the rear brake is shorter than that of the front brake, which will be a later order.  This steel front brake bolt has suffered with the weather and it hasn't been exposed much to the weather.  

Jockey wheel titanium bolts all also ready for sale. The original steels ones seemed to have fared well against the weather, probably due to being caked in oil and grease. :)

Here are the two sides of crank bolts.  They fitted perfectly to my bike so they'll be tested this weekend, if I can sneak out the house for a while.


Titanium Brake Bleed bolt  
I had two types of titanium brake bleed bolt made. The metric type will be used to replace the rusty originals on my bike and the Imperial (American thread UNF) 1/4" version will be tried out on a friends Classic Mini.  My Mini has KAD front calipers and I think they're different.  Although I'll fit them to the rear Mini brakes. 

That's a few of what titanium parts are going on sale on the Ebay lathe*dog shop shop Amazon and shop

Initial checks on all the parts are showing the manufacturers have done an outstanding job again.  Every little fillet and chamfer from the CAD files is present.

That's all for now and I hope I haven't bored you too much on the fascinating subject of weight reduction and thread types.  

There are a couple of new GENUINE RGV250SP curved radiators imported from Japan on the lathe*dog Ebay shop which are gorgeous!  They're expensive because all Japanese goods are expensive now.  About double the price they were 6 years ago.

I thought you'd like to see a pretty picture of a CAD model.  Normally diagrams to the manufacturer look like blueprints and have a note indicating the thread type, but you can model the thread and bring the model into the renderer PhotoView or Autodesk Showcase and get beautiful realistic renders like below.  

Double banjo bolt rendered in Showcase


Saturday, 11 August 2012

RGV250 Radiators NEW! #17710-42E00

Here you can see brand new Genuine Suzuki RGV250SP  (VJ23) radiators imported to Britain from Japan.
RGV250SP radiator   Part number #17710-42E00
The part number is #17710-42E00

RGV250SP radiator   Part number #17710-42E00
VJ23 radiator number
As you can see it's curved.  It's all aluminium and is feather light.  If you need to replace yours you can find these radiators, fairings and titanium replica parts at 

Yes I know they expensive.  It's all down to the price of the Yen.  The Yen has doubled in value compared to about 6 years back, so anything coming out of Japan has suddenly become much more expensive.