Saturday, 11 August 2012

RGV250 Radiators NEW! #17710-42E00

Here you can see brand new Genuine Suzuki RGV250SP  (VJ23) radiators imported to Britain from Japan.
RGV250SP radiator   Part number #17710-42E00
The part number is #17710-42E00

RGV250SP radiator   Part number #17710-42E00
VJ23 radiator number
As you can see it's curved.  It's all aluminium and is feather light.  If you need to replace yours you can find these radiators, fairings and titanium replica parts at 

Yes I know they expensive.  It's all down to the price of the Yen.  The Yen has doubled in value compared to about 6 years back, so anything coming out of Japan has suddenly become much more expensive.  


  1. Richard, the link to doesn't seem to work, even when I type it in manually.
    I'd be interested in a radiator. We've spoke before, years ago. I have one of the original twenty VJ23's imported into Sweden back in '97.

  2. Hi Guy, Good to hear from you.
    Yeah, I've dropped the site now. It was an Amazon template site and pretty terrible to work with, so I sell through now and the lathe*dog Ebay shop.
    I've still got a spare radiator that's still in the packet. I've got the other on my bike now.
    I'll have to do some blog updates as the bike is rebuilt again and looking pretty gorgeous.