Tuesday, 19 February 2013

De restricted air box lid.

I've always meant to get a de restricted airbox lid for the my VJ23.  
On reading the excellent rgv250.co.uk forum it was mentioned the lid has two pipe nozzles.  You have to take the pipe from the bottom of the float bowls of the carburetor and connect them to the pipes indicated in the photo.  That way, at high speed the pressure from the ram air effect is equalised with the float bowl.   
I'm not sure but I think in the past when driving very high speed, fuel was leaving the exhaust pipe unburnt.  

VJ23 de- restricted airbox lid

You could probably put a couple of holes in the sides of the standard airbox lid and use some kind of pipe fitting to get the same result but a lot cheaper, but I'm glad I've got an original Suzuki de restricted lid. It just makes this modern classic that bit more complete.  
Hopefully it'll give a bit more Ooomph over 110mph too.