Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ebay stole money from me

It's not a nice subject but here is something to bear in mind when selling on Ebay.
My Ebay shop got hacked, I don't know how Tony Chubb got hold of my password for Ebay but he did.

Several months ago I noticed in my listings there was a £2000 camera listed on my shop.  I thought it was very strange and assumed Ebay made a mistake so I ended the listing and thought little of it.   Getting through to anyone at Ebay is a nightmare.
So, about a month ago I had sales of a Silver Khanda coin I sell but instead of the payment going to the person paid was
screen shot in Ebay of email address in my listing as the payee

I reported it to Ebay and sent a cancellation email to the customer and the first customer accepted  it and got his money back straight away. The second customer refused the cancellation of the sale, even though I told him of the fraud.  He seemed to get angry. He got his refund a month later and was refunded by Ebay. 

I spent hours on the phone to Ebay pointing out the fraud with screenshots etc.  They leave in a queue waiting 20 minutes, then when someone answers they talk sympathetically and transfer you  to someone who doesn't know any details. You tell them again and they transfer to someone else who also knows nothing.   
I spent hours on the online chat to Ebay and got sympathy but nowhere.  
Then I had a emails demanding the £42 or they'll close the lathe*dog ebay shop down.  The shop that pays them £200 a month in fees. They also threatened bailiffs to recover the money.  I asked to speak to a manager.  Didn't happen, although the lady said a manager would phone me.  They didnt!  
I paid the £42!
The system of Ebay is, it is a ROBOT.  There is no human at the helm, just minions at the end of the line saying soothing words. Fraud and counterfeit goods are actively encouraged.  
Tony Chubb is a debt collector in the North of England.  I reported him to Ebay, Paypal and even the Police. All of which never replied and didn't want to know.  I emailed Tony myself and didn't get a reply.  
It could be that somebody hacked his paypal and will empty it when it fills up.  

Ebay is a criminal enterprise.

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